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Stain Strike® Fabric Spot Remover 32oz. Trigger Spray Bottle

(Heavy Duty Laundry Pre-Treat Cleaning Power)

Removes and Prevents Many Common Stains From Becoming Permanent.

Works on more Stain Types than the Leading Brand!

Including:     Ink/Marker  *  Wine/Fruit Juice  *  Maple Syrup
                     Chocolate  *  Coffee/Tea  *  Ketchup/BBQ Sauce
                     Tomato Sauce/Greasy Food Stains * Blood

Also removes many old, previously washed, and "Set-In" Stains

  • Item #: SS-32OZ-Spray
  • Manufacturer: True Green Blends, Inc.

Stain Strike® Fabric Spot Remover, 32 oz. Trigger Spray

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